Free facilities available for students in the institute
●    Coaching facility
●    Hostel facility
●    Mess arrangement
●    Library arrangement
●    Entertainment
●    Sports and Exercise
●    First aid facility
coaching facility
In the institute, students are provided free coaching for the preparation of Civil Services Examination (preliminary and main). For teaching work, lectures are organized by inviting expert guest spokespersons from universities / private coaching institutes / colleges. Also, from time to time senior IAS officers and subject matter experts are also invited to share experiences with students and encourage them. Lecture facility at the institute through "Smart Class"

Hostel facility
The institute has a 150-room hostel, in which residential facilities for 300 candidates are available. Facilities of beds, mattresses, bed sheets, cupboards, tables and lamps etc. are provided to each student in the room. There is a provision of pure drinking water (RO) for the students in the hostel.
There is also a system of viewing through Doordarshan, cable in public entertainment room to watch news etc.
Mess arrangement
Free mess facility is provided to the students receiving training in the institute, in which breakfast, lunch, evening tea and dinner are given as per the prescribed menu. Demand for any other type of food is not accepted except those prescribed by the institute. To maintain the quality of food and to conduct mess, a student committee (Damay Bwupjamam) is constituted, which periodically provides its feedback regarding the food to the institute, according to which institute run
Library arrangement
The institute has the facility of high-quality library for the students, which usually operates from 9:00 am to 6:00 pm. In the library, level books, competitive journals, newspapers etc. of various subjects are available free of cost to the students of the institute. Each student seeking admission is provided with a set of NCERT books, which is to be submitted back to the library at the end of the session. Also books / magazines / newspapers to students
The institute also has a high-level auditorium in which students are shown inspiring films on the occasion of national festivals and birth anniversaries of great men. Also, programs are organized in the auditorium on the occasion of opening and closing of coaching sessions. Special lectures of expert spokespersons and senior administrative officers are organized in the auditorium from time to time and a question-and-answer period is also organized between invited spokespersons and students.
Sports and exercise
The institute has four green trees and a huge park is also developed in front of the auditorium. In the park, students can do yoga / exercise etc. in the morning. A beautiful site of the river front is also located near the institute for a morning walk. Yoga classes are also organized by the institute for the physical and mental health of the students. The institute has the facility of sports like cricket etc. for the students. The task of operating an advanced gymnasium and gym / yoga room for the hostel in future
First aid facility
First aid facility is also available for the students in the institute, in which they are provided high quality medicines under the supervision of the state doctor and trained pharmacists for the day to day physical problems like fever, cough, pain etc.
Notable works done in the last one year: -
●    Initiation of "feedback" system by the students for the first time regarding the performance of guest spokespersons.
●    Honorarium payment and contract extension to teachers based on feedback performance.
●    Organizing test series for students by a quality / authentic private coaching institution.
●    Creation of the post of Course-Co-ordinator on contract to improve educational quality.
●    Creation of student's management committee for smooth running of hostel, mess.
●    Payment to service providers as above based on the recommendation of the students.
●    Innovation / innovative use of outstanding students of the previous batch as student motivators (Dumdajwat) to inspire the students.
●    In place of two coaching sessions of five months each, one year coaching session should be conducted for the preparation of the entire civil service examination (preliminary, main and interview).
●    As a result of the above efforts, 26 students of last coaching session were successful in PCS Preliminary Exam-2018 and 02 students in IAS Preliminary Exam-2019.